Industrie Ilpea S.p.A. and Ilpea Industries Inc: A steadily growing Group.
Founded in 1960, the company is world leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic, magnetic and rubber components,
The headquarter is in Malgesso (Varese), the company’s hometown and the place where its commercial and development strategies are still decided to this day.
The company’s strong inclination towards an international executive team has led to the opening of many other production sites across Europe first and then also in other countries all over the word, spanning over all time zones from East to West.

Ilpea’s policy has always been to open plants near its customers so to benefit from a logistic advantage and thereby be able to offer better service and increased competitiveness. 
Ilpea’s successful story has been marked by a number of significant events:  
  • 1970.  the company merges with the US Group PANTASOTE INC.
  • 1989.  Management Buy-Out of the European Pantasote companies on the part of the Group’s Europe-based executive team and some important internationl banking institutes 
  • 1998. opening of new prodution sites or takeover of existing companies in Hungary, India, the US, Brazil and Spain, in proximity of customers’ production facilities, in accordance with the “global market” and “customer service” principles, which had already proven successful in Europe 
  • 2001.  takeover of HOLM INDUSTRIES, INC. and its plants in the US and Mexico
  • 2004.  further expansion to emerging markets, such as Turkey, Russia and Mexico  

The Group is organized into three business units, each consisting of a number of plants. The three units basically share the same industrial and market strategies, however each one has its own management, separate research and development centers and a sales structure that concentrate on their specific business sector, so to ensure the required level of specialization.